Nybsys Introduces xRAN Radio Units (X-RU) for Minimal Footprint, Cost Efficiency, and Enhanced Optimization for Carriers and Enterprises

September 25, 2023 Las Vegas NV: Mobile World Congress 2023— Nybsys, a leading innovator in the telecommunications industry, is excited to unveil a groundbreaking development in xRAN Radio Units. Our containerized, Kubernetes-managed virtual BBU can operate at the far edge, near edge, or central locations, significantly reducing cell site footprints, enabling hyper-scaling, automating operations, and optimizing cost-efficiency. Nybsys’s 5G xRAN represents a game-changing solution poised to reshape the future of wireless networks.

Nybsys’ O-RAN compliant radios are designed to fully utilize the xRAN architecture. This makes xRAN a viable and supported option across our indoor and outdoor radios, including the powerful 32T32R massive MIMO radios. These radio units seamlessly connect to a robust xRANvBBU, which can be deployed at the edge or in the cloud. This transformative technology significantly reduces site footprint and shortens installation and commissioning times, ultimately leading to reduced CAPEX and OPEX for wireless carriers.

Furthermore, all our Radio Units harness the capabilities of AMD chips to perform various functions such as RFSoc, Bridge, filtering, and more. This results in the delivery of ultra-reliable, cutting-edge 4G/5G radios, offering next-generation cellular network experiences.

Much like LED lightbulbs transformed cities by providing better visibility while using only 30% of the energy, 5G xRAN technology is revolutionizing the cellular network landscape. It not only reduces power consumption but also delivers high-power signal processing capabilities. This transformation is made possible by significantly reducing data center and edge computing costs when compared to older technology.

About Nybsys

Nybsys is a technology company, headquartered in San Jose, California and operates in more than 8 countries worldwide. The company offers primality telecommunications equipment and services, which include both LTE and 5G technologies: Radio access network (RAN), transport network, customer-premises equipment and core systems. In addition to its telecommunications offerings, Nybsys has also developed products and services related to Internet of Things (IoT), Fintech, physical security, and digital transformation. Further details www.nybsys.com

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