Remote Radio Head- RRH

RRH – Remote Radio Head

What is RRH (Remote Radio Head)

Remote Radio Head (RRH) is a part of D-RAN that helps improve network coverage and capacity. It performs baseband processing and RF conversion in a distributed base station. In addition, it uses fiber optic cables to communicate with the BBU. D-RAN allows the RRH to be closer to the user, improving overall coverage and capacity. RRHs can be deployed in remote or densely populated areas, reducing deployment costs compared to large base stations. Furthermore, they offer better energy efficiency than traditional base station deployment. It makes them a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly solution for mobile network deployment.

NybSys Offers a Wide Range of Remote Radio Heads for Seamless Connectivity!

Nybsys offers MacroLink 5310 & MacroLink 5320. MacroLink 5310 is a 2×2 MIMO carrier 2x 40W transmit power Remote Radio Head (RRH) that can be deployed in CPRI-compliant base station networks. The IP-67 chassis’ convection-only cooling is made possible by 200W typical power consumption. MacroLink 5320 is a 4×4 MIMO with a 2x40W transmit, power Remote Radio Head (RRH) which can be deployed in CPRI, compliant base, and station networks. The IP, 67 chassis’ convection, only cooling is made possible by 200W typical power consumption.

Remote Radio Head Model Comparison


MacroLink 5310


MacroLink 5320


  • 2×2 MIMO RRU and possible to upgrade to 4×4 MIMO ( additional weight should be considered)
  • Up to 2×20 Watt ( total 40 Watt)
  • Outdoor/indoor setup
  • CPRI interface to connect eNodeB. It has a fiber cable to connect eNodeB inside the vehicle
  • Supporting Multi RAT (2G,3G,4G)
  • Intra-Band CA
Remote Radio Head Specifications

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