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Modern Push to Talk solutions can help save time by establishing better team communication.

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The concept of two-way communication has been emerging since time immemorial. Kids playing with cups and hoping to send messages was a common picture in the primitive days. Later, the invention of the walkie-talkie brought a new dimension in the method of communication.  The core technology behind this walkie-talkie is the Push to Talk.

What is Push to Talk?

PTT or Push to Talk is a two-way communication service that enables users to establish an instant connection. With both software and hardware solutions, today PTT not only works on radio frequency but also can be implemented over cellular data, Wi-Fi, or even a private LTE network. It eliminates any security breach in communication and serves with instant connectivity at the press of a button.

Previously, the idea of PTT was restricted to walkie-talkies only. Today NybSys has brought about a new definition by developing Sentra PTT mobile app and Sentra devices. The mobile app is implementable over any operating system, be it Android or iOS. Even a web-version, Sentra Dispatch is also available. This seamless mode of communication forms connections across countries. It has been saving both time and money for any business.

Why Use Push to Talk?

Why use push to talk?-is a common question among the greater mass. Moreover, nowadays people are very accustomed to using modern social media tools. These platforms have become the key source of communication for even big enterprises.  So why choose push to-talk technology over the existing platforms!

There is quite a simple reason behind this. With the increase in usage of different platforms, the rate of a data breach has also increased. The main cause behind this is that the enterprises are giving the authority of their data to a third-party. In that case, an easy one-touch communication, PTT can be a game-changer. 

With PTT, one can have full access to their data and can use their server as the storage facility. It enables them to record all the messages and so there remains no chance of missing out on any information. As no time is wasted to establish a connection, it multiplies in the overall efficiency of the workplace.

How does Push to Talk Work?

Push to talk communication uses a half-duplex mode where at a time, only one person can speak. The receiver upon receiving the message will send a reply, and even if the person on the other end is offline, Sentra PTT will successfully deliver the message. This helps to form a clear transmission of data over the network line, IP, or even under radiofrequency.

With the PTT app by NybSys, the user can enjoy walkie-talkie-like functionality. All the information is stored in the cloud. Furthermore, the system can be installed under an enterprise’s private server. It makes the service affordable for any business. Again, modern features like- image and video sharing, real-time location tracking, etc. have made PTT even more fascinating in recent times. 

Push to Talk Application by NybSys

The digital push to talk technology has an easy to install architecture. It has led it to become a preferred device for a wide range of users. NybSys takes pride in being a dynamic manufacturer of both software and hardware-based solutions of this PTT application. The Sentra PTT and Sentra Device are the notable ones among them. NybSys has also integrated this push to talk communication in their extensive dispatch console system. The console is called Sentra Dispatch.

Sentra PTT (SPTT) aims at providing instant connectivity among the users under any private and public organizations. The app is supported by both Android and iOS. It can be integrated with any Android Auto-supported vehicle as well.

The app is not dependent on any external system, network, or device. There is a button that will let you use the push to talk mode without even opening the main app. It enables a user to instantly contact an individual or any group under different networks. The Sentra PTT usage is not limited to any specific network.

The system can be even integrated with radio frequency if needed. Right after a message is sent, a Push Notification is received on the other end. Even if a person is not online, there remains no chance of missing out on any messages. A backup of the conversation remains stored as history in the cloud. Another promising feature of the app is that the sender’s and receiver’s real-time location can be displayed via it. It also lets you share unlimited images.

The Sentra Device can be any Android, iPhone, or even android supported walkie-talkie. You can install apps from the computer to the device via the USB port or by downloading the software. The device uses Sentra PTT built-in with the Push to Talk button and channel selector. The device can then offer traditional walkie-talkie features without needing any extra license fees.

NybSys’s Push to Talk solution can help save time by establishing better team communication. It is high time that enterprises started owning their own communication platform. This one-touch mode of conversation serves with end-to-end encryption, making it the ideal medium of contact within the team.

Benefits of Push to Talk

The Sentra PTT App has the potentiality to bring proper regulation in the construction site, salesforce management, public safety, event management, commercial usage, or any mission-critical communication. To discuss the benefits of the app, the following categories should be highlighted.

Instant Connection

With the SPTT app, no time is wasted to form the network connection. Only a single press on a button can ensure instant connection among users residing in different countries.

Easy Implementation

The modern app built by NybSys is not device-dependent. Rather it is compatible with both Android and iOS. It is possible to access the app on the web as well.

Access Anywhere

There remains no range dependency to create any hindrance in communication with PTT. Devices under different networks can easily communicate whenever the users are available.

Better Management

With traditional walkie-talkie devices, only a few people within the range were able to communicate. But the new push to talk technology has enabled to connect multiple users. People can conduct individual to group conversations and all these can be managed by the built-in infrastructure.

Secured Communication

One of the major advantages of using PTT for any enterprise is that it can maximize work efficiency by maintaining secured communication. No external interference can be created by outsiders. The enterprises can have full authority over their data and can manage the number of connected devices under their server.

Location Tracking

Real-time location sharing helps to track any sales personnel in action. It can also help to analyze the response time for any mission-critical communication.


The SPTT solution is a cost-efficient method of communication for any enterprise. Enterprises with already existing personal servers can install the system at a minimum cost.

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