The Nybsys security suite of products empower businesses with a robust

The NybSys security features strive to empower businesses with a robust, multifaceted suite of security solutions.Based on a solid hardware and software foundation, our solutions are optimized for performance and efficiency, leveraging the latest IoT and AI/ML technologies. For security solutions, our current offerings include our Survello & FaceNext product suites. Built for both on-premise and in-cloud operations, these security systems provide our customers deployment flexibility and cost-effective options across a wide range of industries.
The Nybsys security suite of products empower businesses with a robust

Survello—Real-Time Event Detection using AI-Powered Video Analytics

Survello offers advanced AI-powered video analytics for real-time event recognition, object tracking, and data extraction from recorded video. The technology was designed to process huge amounts of video data. Its open architecture maximizes the potential of any monitoring system and supports modest to large-scale deployments for installations of all kinds. It analyzes video from CCTV video cameras in real-time, allowing security personnel to get on-time alerts. They can then quickly go through recordings for more detailed insight to effectively and reliably respond to an incident.

FaceNext—Al-Powered Identity Protection for Smarter Workplaces

FaceNext is designed with cutting-edge computer vision techniques to interpret faces with unprecedented precision. This smart technology eliminates the need for physical contact by allowing door entry via mobile phone-based face-recognition and location check-in. It can also be used in conjunction with our own smartconnected access-control-readers, which are enhanced with NFC-based access and Bluetooth beacons-based connectivity. Our technology can also identify and validate whethereach employee is wearing a mask, ensuring that workplace safety and health are always top priority. FaceNext is designed to do more than recognize faces; the underlying technology can also acknowledge emotions, monitor the environment, and analyze videos.

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