5G Centralized Unit (CU)

The concept of Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) and virtual Radio Access Networks (vRAN) have been enabling flexible software configurable 5G networks and to cut hardware costs. Both architecture types enable virtual baseband functions that run on off-the-shelf server hardware using general purpose CPUs, instead of traditional purpose-built hardware using ASICs or SoCs. 5G Centralized Unit (CU) is the part of O-RAN architecture which provides support for higher layers of the protocol stack. 5G Centralized Unit (CU) supports SDAP (only 5G without 4G LTE), RRC, PDCP protocol layers. 5G Protocol stack along with 5G hardware acceleration card is being used to process these protocols. Benefit of such shared hardware platform enables 5G to utilize cloud computing and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), enables scalability and high performance at the Centralized Unit (CU).

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