5G Distributed Unit (DU)

Nybsys offers 5G RAN virtualization that involves CU (Centralized Unit) and DU (Distributed Unit) virtualization. We utilized COTs server and inline 5G DU acceleration card that reduced the heavy processing requirements by a COTS server. Malin inline acceleration is ideal for higher bandwidth O-RAN applications. The Malin 5G DU can perform a full L1 processing and can deliver the best results with the lowest latency and ultra-reliability.

5G DU solution offers an ASIC-based accelerations with a programmable baseband processor to provide multiple 25GbE eCPRI interfaces and maximum support for four 4T4R 100Mhz RRH/RU per PCIe cards and user can have maximum of 4 ports per COTS server. The PCIe DU acceleration card is x8 form factor, can be easily deployed in the existing platforms to run the O-RAN fronthaul protocols and to offload the DU function onto the host. And that can work seamlessly with the CU in the MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) servers for the lower layer split (LLS) to ensure the quality of the ultra-low latency as well as the bandwidth.

5G DU solutions from Nybsys can reduce the need for network time server, as DU server already has a GPS port for time synchronization as well as full support of PTP servers. The Malin 5G DU server can requirements of a fronthaul switch as 5G radios can connect to the DU server directly. The Malin 5G DU server brings more flexibility and empower the end customer with more 5G capabilities in edge computing. Details of 5G DU appliance datasheet is available here.

Together with ONF Aether 5G connected edge solutions, we offer fully functional AI solution at the edge for the time critical and extremely sensitive data analytics at the DU level. For details, please contact Nybsys Sales.

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