Nybsys K-RAN

Exceptional throughput, capacity, and ultra-low latency.

What is K-RAN?

In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications, the need for more adaptable, efficient, and reliable network infrastructures has never been more critical. Enter Nybsys K-RAN, a groundbreaking solution designed to transform traditional RAN architectures into agile, scalable, and high-performing networks. By leveraging the principles of RAN disaggregation, cloud scaling, and the integration of microservices with DevOps, Nybsys K-RAN is setting new standards in network modernization.

The Power of RAN Disaggregation

Nybsys K-RAN disaggregates RAN, separating hardware and software for flexibility, scalability, and vendor freedom.Operators can dynamically adjust networks to meet changing demands, ensuring optimal performance in various scenarios.

Cloud Scaling: A New Era of Efficiency

Nybsys K-RAN with cloud scaling unlock son-demand network elasticity. Eliminate hardware constraints, scale resource sup or down as needed, optimize utilization, reduce costs, and bring high-capacity networks within reach.

Microservices and DevOps: Agility Meets Reliability

Nybsys K-RAN incorporates micro services architecture and DevOps practices to bring agility and reliability to network operations. Continuously deploy new features without disrupting stability. Adapt swiftly to trends and user needs with unbeatable reliability.

Unmatched Performance with Lock-a-Site Acceleration

Nybsys K-RAN shines with Lock-a-site technology for fast data processing at the edge. Industry-leading DU performance offers low latency and a superb user experience, perfect for everything from internet speed to real-time gaming and IoT.

The Foundation: Ubuntu RT Linux and Kubernetes

Nybsys K-RAN builds on Ubuntu RT Linux for deterministic performance and Kubernetes for easy network function management.This powerful combo ensures robust, secure, and seamless operation for distributed networks.

Embracing Open Technology

Nybsys K-RAN opens the door to innovation. Open standards, collaboration, and interoperability fuel faster advancements and flexible, future-proof networks built by the community.

Unparalleled Advantages

Nybsys K-RAN combines O-RAN and Cloud RAN architectures at the edge, operating on the Intel Xeon platform with lock-a-side accelerator. This represents a transformative approach to RAN architecture decentralizes the processing and management of network functions, moving to the consolidated workload at the edge using Kubernetes. At the heart of the Nybsys K-RAN platform lies the synergy of Kubernetes with Ubuntu RT Linux, operating seamlessly with the Intel Xeon Scalable processors. This powerful combination ensures that our platform operates without the need for any proprietary components, setting a new standard in the industry for openness and flexibility. Below are key benefits of Edge-Cloud RAN (K-RAN) over traditional RAN architectures:

Enhanced Network Efficiency and Performance

By processing data closer to the cell site, K-RAN reduces latency, increases bandwidth, and improves overall network performance. This is crucial for applications requiring real-time processing, such as autonomous driving and augmented reality.

Scalability and Flexibility

Enhanced ability to scale network resources as needed. K-RAN enables dynamic allocation of resources, making it easier to scale up or down based on demand. This flexibility allows network operators to efficiently manage traffic spikes without the need for extensive physical infrastructure upgrades.

Cost Reduction

ransitioning to a more software-centric model reduces reliance on proprietary hardware and physical infrastructures, significantly lowering TCO. The containerization of network functions also simplifies maintenance and updates, further reducing costs. The K-RAN eliminates cell site shelter requirements for baseband processing which also reduces cost.

Baseband Workload Consolidation

Efficient processing of radio signals from multiple cell sites using a single edge server is a huge cost and performance benefits for the MNOs. This opens up the opportunity to expand the network where traditionally high capacity macro cell is not economically feasible.

Energy Efficiency

By optimizing the location of baseband processing functions and reducing the need for traditional network equipment, K-RAN can lead to significant energy savings. This not only reduces operating costs but also supports sustainability goals.

Improved Service Deployment

K-RAN supports the rapid deployment of new services and technologies. MNOs can quickly roll out new features and upgrades without the need for extensive hardware modifications, staying ahead in the competitive telecom industry. MNOs can deploy advanced LTE networks and later can upgrade to 5G or advanced 5G networks.

High-Capacity Indoor Coverage

A robust solution simplifies the need for traditional Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), ideal for large indoor spaces.

Advanced 5G Features Support

Facilitating features like network slicing, edge computing, and massive MIMO.

Interoperability and Openness

This approach promotes an open and interoperable ecosystem, where components from different vendors can be seamlessly integrated. This fosters innovation and competition, potentially leading to better services and lower costs. K-RAN also enables heterogeneous networks combining both LTE and 5G.

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