Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions- Survello

Survello is an appliance-based intelligent video analytics system. When linked to this system, any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP camera will turn into a smart camera.

Survello is a unique appliance-based, innovative video analytics solution. Any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP cameras can be a quick intelligent camera once it is connected a survello system. Even existing video camera footage from existing system can instantly offer advanced video analytics system by using survello. Survello offers of different modules and features -Theft Detection, Illegal Parking Detection, Crowd Monitoring, One-way Traffic Monitoring, Suspicious Person Detection and Media Monitoring System etc.

Gateway Hardware Features of Our Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

Survello provides a set of highly sophisticated AI-powered video analytics capabilities for real-time detection of events of interest, object tracking, and quick extraction of events and data from recorded video.

The platform was built, from the ground up, to analyze and handle massive amounts of video data. It’s highly scalable, efficiently supporting small to large-scale deployments to suit installations of all sizes and utilizing its open architecture approach to maximize the potential of any surveillance system.

Our product offers instant intelligence to the CCTV video camera monitoring center to effectively and constantly perform the same job that a human could have done otherwise. Over the years, we found, human resources engaged in real-time monitoring of security camera footage are compromised by the physical limits of human concentration to a screen for more than 2 hours. Our Analytics platform offers beyond human boundaries and enables human skills to respond to the event detection of potential threats rather than sitting in front of the screen.

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NybSys Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions Modules

Theft Detection System (TDS)

In recent times, surveillance cameras are everywhere from office to home, from street to inventory room. Under normal circumstances, surveillance cameras record video only and have no intelligence. Normally we try to find out theft after occurring unwanted events. By using anti-theft systems, we can protect valuables such as vehicles and personal property like wallets, phones, and jewellery. Using the latest computer vision technology, this Theft Detection System could notify the authorities instantly while undesired occurrences.

Illegal Parking Detection (IPD)

Parking enforcement is increasingly perceived as a key feature of urban transport policy. Illegal parking can lead to reduced traffic speeds, congestion, changes in modal choice, loss of revenue from valid parking spaces, a decline in respect for the law and even to accidents. We are introducing a vision based system that detects vehicles which are illegally parked where parking is prohibited and notify the premises authority or law enforcement.

Crowd Monitoring System (CMS)

Crowd Monitoring System – (CMS) provides users to prevent mass gathering in restricted/constrained areas of interest. The system is capable of notifying users if a certain amount of people gathering exceeds than the permitted amount. For example – At most 5(five) persons are allowed in a certain area at a time but more than five people are in the queue so the system will notify the responsible authority about the inconsistency.

Traffic Monitoring System (TMS)

A Traffic Monitoring System (TMS) is the most important element in modern
transportation systems, especially in a
developing country. People have an extreme tendency to go on the wrong side of the road to save some time. This leads to some serious issues. Most importantly, it is one of the main causes of road accidents in our country. To prevent this, we built a module to detect the vehicle which is on the wrong side of the road in real time and capture a photo of that vehicle.

Suspicious Person Detection (SPD)

Suspicious Person Detection – (SPD) detects and tracks suspicious activities of people near the user-defined restricted areas. The system takes RTSP/ONVIF camera footage from cameras and analyzes the footage followed by providing decisions to the system. The system is capable of keeping the records of movement near the restricted areas defined by the users/administrators. This system is also capable of marking and keeping the movement graph record of the suspicious person who roams before the restricted/constrained area of interest.

Media Monitoring System (MMS)

Media Monitoring System – (MMS) is a
highly powerful and high precision
software which is completely based on cutting edge Artificial Intelligence
algorithms entirely developed by NybSys AI. The system monitors and notifies responsible authorities via face recognition, video analytics, voice recognition, speaker identification, and text classification. The system is capable of analyzing inputs within a few moments. It can monitor media events with its analytical power.

Features of our Intelligent Video Analytics Solutions

  • Detects and Tracks intruder who trespasses any area
  • Customizable area of interest
  • Records data for further analysis
  • Detects anomaly in a given setting
  • It marks the anomaly with an overlay
  • Shows the activity graph
  • Detects whether a vehicle is stationary in a no parking zone
  • Marks the object with an overlay
  • Capable of buzzing alarm or sending the vehicle information to authority

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